Afghani Hash (OZ. Now Available)

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Hashish can be consumed by oral ingestion or smoking; typically in a pipe, bongvaporizer or joints, where it is normally mixed with cannabis or tobacco, as pure hashish will burn poorly if burned alone. In some parts of Canada, individuals do what is known as “bottle tokes”, in which they take a lit cigarette, stick a “bot”(small hashish ball) then let the smoke fill the bottle before inhalation. THC has a low water solubility therefore ingestion leads to poor absorption.Generally the methods are similar to overall cannabis consumption.

As hashish’ active ingredient is THC it has the same effects as cannabis. Most well known effect of hashish is a euphoric, drowsy, sedated effect. A certain relief of anxiety is often reported.During a high, the user experiences a distortion of time and space.


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1 LB., Ounce

5 reviews for Afghani Hash (OZ. Now Available)

  1. Ernie64 (verified owner)

    Nice smoke def. Worth the money

  2. HM

    So glad this is available in oz size now. Luv this site and staff are awsome

  3. Roberto (verified owner)

    Do a couple hot knifes of this and get ready to be high af bud best hash i had in a long time buyer before shes all gone b’y because im buying a oz this with every order until its gone

  4. MEL1979420 (verified owner)

    So happy u guys started selling hash in Oz’s now. Nothing quite as nostalgic as crumbling up some afghani hash into your joint. Tastes amazing. Burns great. The price is bomb. I will keep buying. Great job guys.

  5. Jamie (verified owner)

    I have to say this is some good smoke I really enjoy this shit nice quality

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