Durban Poison Shatter

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Terpene added flavour Durban Poison is an effective treatment for depression and anxiety, as well as chronic pain, and it can also be helpful with nausea. This strain is ideal for making concentrates, as the bud is covered in over-sized trichomes. The dominant smell and taste of Durban Poison is earthy and sweet, with a subtle pine aroma.

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.5 oz, 5 grams, Gram

2 reviews for Durban Poison Shatter

  1. Roy

    Highly potent product! The favlor is powerful and taste good. I like to drip my shatter in this terp/shatter to get more flavored dabs. I recommend it!

  2. mecbain (verified owner)

    this is the real deal, eventhough not same thing at all, I’m comparing this to an extreemly good “hash oil” I had 13 yearss ago, from taste to high, who knows maybe it was from same strain, which is a favorite of mine, very hard to find the original genetics though, great job sfd and great price

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