AAA $12,650$ in prizes to Givaway !!!!!

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We love our customers more than most so we are giving away $12,650 in prizes to show just how much you mean to us.

OK pay attention this is how it works. Definately add this to your order because really you can’t loose. We have made a big random pot of free giveaway stuff to be sent out with your completed order. It will be a number starting with 420-???? And can be found on the black bag that comes in your order so look carefully.  Some prizes are better than others and totally random. You will recieve your mystery prize code with your order just for adding this free option to your order. Grand prize is 200$ off your next order so be sure to add this to your order to recieve your prize redeemable on your next completed order. Only until supplies last. Only one code will be sent for each order so please only order one per order. Good  luck everyone!

To redeem your prize simply enter the number you recieve in the special order notes when checking out on your next order and you will recieve your free gift along with your order.

Please note each code can only be redeemed once per customer. Once claimed that code becomes void.

Here is a list of the $12,650$ in prizes:

400 cellphone cardholders, 200 Pop sockets, 150 Dab tools, 100 cigga twist rolling machines, 100 random flavor shatter, 100 phoenix tears, 50 Marley auto rolling boxes, 15 Doobiemint gum pipes, 15 3in1 pipes, 5 3in1 vape pens, 5 Evolve Plus vapes, 5 -50$ off, 4 -100$ off, 3 -150$ off and 2-200$ off prizes.

Wow that’s allot of free giveaway but our customers deserve it. Thank you all for your continued support. Any feedback and reviews are appropriated

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32 reviews for AAA $12,650$ in prizes to Givaway !!!!!

  1. Ryan L

    This is awesome. Thanks for the chance.

  2. thcadmin

    Well the first give away has bin awarded to order number 1000. This order consisted of an oz of black kush and a 6 pack of cookies I believe. Total for this order was 175. Congratulations number 1000 waiting to hear your comments. And good luck on the next give away everyone.

  3. Trevor

    Wow!!! Just won my order !!!
    Super happy with this site !!
    Telling all our friends for sure
    Thank you!

  4. thcadmin

    OK well we have done it again order 1150 is being given away absolutely free this time.I’m not even gonna have them pay shipping cause we have gotten off so lucky. Order 1150 had a total of 252 bucks. Still waiting on the lucky person to give comments on there win. Good luck to all the people out there still trying.

  5. kjbfb69

    WOW!!, this is the BEST SITE of all of them , used others ,,but hands down the Best Canadian Site ,. Products and Orders completed quickly, variety , new products .. Excellent company … with many Bonus promotions ,( ordered 5-6 times so far … and no problems ) , will refer anyone who asks me to here. Excellent 5 STARS

  6. Tristan m

    Love THC direct! Thanks for the opportunity!

  7. Multi

    THCDirect is awesome. I just got an email sayin I won my order

  8. cole.

    Haven’t won but I sure love the offer! 10 percent off is awesome too! keep up the good work thcdirect!!

  9. Stu

    Awesome site ,great service n product every time .Get my order within 2- 3 business days every time.Cheers guys , keep it coming!!

  10. radico.n

    Thank you THC Direct for the opportunity, I have been coming here for over a year and I thank you for the great service so far. Rarely go elsewhere, been consistent for a long time both shipping and product when I’ve ordered. #1 recommendation.

  11. Alfred R

    Awesome prices and product!

  12. jaimes

    great site awesome products currently working my way through the flowers amazing stuff i recommend you guys always your stuff cant be beat

  13. Tristan M

    This site is my most trusted after ordering from MOMS for a couple years. Great quality for great prices. Thanks for this opportunity!

  14. thcadmin

    Thanks to all who are trying to win there free order. The order number celected for our first winner was an aborted cart so what that means is now we have to do 2 give aways this week. Numbers have been celected. Cheers. Good luck!!

  15. zanderspepsi1970

    Hi can we ask what the aborted order # was I’m asking cause I had placed an order then cancelled it just wondering if I was the dumb ass lol

  16. thcadmin

    Just gave away our makeup give away from last week to order number 4114 congratulations! ! We are just awaiting the responce and comments from the lucky winner so we can send out there FREE order. Good luck everyone next number has already been celected. Cheers

  17. Eety Ea$t

    Thanks guys!!! got sugar cookie n itz gonna be soooo sweeet!!! 🙂

  18. Chrispy

    Hi guys didn’t win this time but I’m going to keep on tryin 🙂 um just wondering after the 17th yous guys won’t be changing anything will you I’m in Ontario and Yous are number 1 on my speed dial lol my family and I need yous

  19. hayden k

    Just won found out my 2 oz order will be free! I was already getting quality buds for an unbeatable price, giveaways like this are just another reason is without a doubt the best place to buy online! I wont use anyone else!

  20. thcadmin

    Congratulations to Hayden for being our last lucky winner. Keep those orders coming and paid for and the next winner could be you. Good Luck!!

  21. devvypoo01

    Thanks for the chance

  22. thcadmin

    CONGRATULATIONS Brendon our next lucky winner just anounced. Just waiting for him to claim his win. The last couple prior giveaways wound up landing on abandoned carts again. Rememder You gotta complete the sale and pay for your order to have a chance. GOOD LUCK

  23. coops_2121

    Was chosen for the free giveaway while trying out some new stuff, couldn’t be more happier! Such an amazing site and service, I have stuck with these guys for a long time and don’t plan on switching anytime soon. Thank you so much!

  24. Tucker B

    Just got my shit for free.99 out of the blue I get an email to cancel my etransfer and my order will be sent for free I’m a longtime customer and these guys are top notch with wicked customer service. Can’t say enough good things about THCDIRECT it the BOMB BOY. Thanks guys

  25. Tim Dubreuil

    Talk about making my Friday! I get home from work and have an email waiting for me saying we won the give away!
    This is the only site we come to for all of our cannibas needs. Great selection, amazing products, and super fast service. We place our order and 4 days later we have it in our mail box, waiting for us to come home after a days work.
    Thank you so much to THC Direct for this! Made my day!

  26. vicsenra

    surprised I won my order, thanks a lot! will definitely continue to order here. love the product so far

  27. Mel (verified owner)

    Awesome !! Won some free CBD. Thanks guys.

  28. Russell (verified owner)

    Ohh man this looks promising!! Maybe I will come back to thcdirect! But I will have to see my order that has been rectified by thcdirect with no hesitation they have the best customer service! I had a bad experience with Berry White.. so they are sending me Grease Monkey! Which is good I hear! I am hoping I win on one of these maybe the big stuff I’d be interested in the good quality smoke such as shatter, hash and rosin… marijuana …. goodstuff . I love me big orders… heavy especially.
    Thc direct is the best Canadian based site. 10/10/10

  29. ernierink

    I have been shopping with thcdirect for quite some time now if there’s any problems the staff has worked well to rectify them for me. The quality of the product has been very nice I would recommend this company to everyone this is the way this business should be done cheers

  30. kitlet69 (verified owner)

    Haven’t won yet, will keep trying though, bound to be a winner at some point.

    • thcadmin

      You must have misunderstood how the free giveaway works. Every time you order we send you a number starting 420???? Located on your black bag Then on your next order you quote the number in the special order notes and recieve the correspondingredients prize.

  31. Sweedy (verified owner)

    This sweepstakes is fabulous! Worth the click to add it to your cart, so don’t forget. Product quality and pricing surpasses my LP hands down.

  32. Lori (verified owner)

    THC is awesome. No problems at all. Thank you!

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